American Hibiscus Society  

The Sunset Chapter's
53rd Annual Show

May 29, 2011 in St. Petersburg (Pinellas Park), Florida

590 entries; Gold Seals 63%; 43 seedlings


Video by Paul Felsberg; Pictures by Fred Roush

 See the winners down below:


Clockwise from 11 o'clock: a proud Dorothy Shirmer had a couple winners; Jim Bridges with Karla Holmes in background; Katie McClain and Denise Roeder; Nola & Carlos Reynolds; Connie Roush; Nancy Kopp and Wanda Schmoyer.



The winners are:

Sweepstakes winning exhibitors have chosen the blooms below to represent themselves.




The above were the winning growers and the flowers they chose to represent themselves.

The flowers below were the winning blooms by category and their growers









See Bests of Show







The blooms below were the overall Bests of Show. 






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